Ready to Pop the Question?

Every couple should have a checklist before they make such a powerful commitment. Ask yourself and your mate these questions to make sure you are fully prepared.

1. What do I see that I am not looking at in the relationship?

  • Now is not the time to brush things under the rug. FACE FACTS! Be brutally honest with yourself.

  • Discuss these issues with your fiancé and seek help on how to deal with them.

2. Am I prepared to weather every climate of my marriage?

  • Marriage has seasons. Sometimes the climate can be hot, and sometimes cold for any number of reasons.

  • You can’t pack up and move to another state because you’re under a tornado watch. You must have the love and determination to weather the storm.

3. Is this person qualified and equipped to be a spiritual leader in our home and a spiritual role model for our children?

  • Is there a hunger to grow spiritually?

  • Will he/she hear from God on issues regarding us?

4. Are we financially prepared for this move?

  • What is our 10 year Financial Plan?

5. To what extent have we proven to be willing to sacrifice our own personal desires for our spouse?

  • i.e. time, money, dreams, living patterns

6. If the person was married before, or involved in a previous serious relationship, what specific steps have they taken to deal with the issues that caused the break up and heal their broken heart?

  • Infidelity

  • Fear of Commitmen

  • Mistreatment of mate

7. Do any family, friends, children or exes pose a threat or intrusion into our relationship?

  • If so, how will we deal with it?

  • Do we have individual concrete plans on how to deal with intrusive external relationships?

8. What is my mate’s work ethic?

  • Is he/she balanced in the number of hours they work each week?

  • Am I a priority when planning his/her time and money?

9. Does my mate communicate to me regularly in my love language?

  • Has my mate studied me for the purpose of being pleasing to me?

10. Are we emotionally mature enough to make a lifelong commitment at this time?

11. Are we spiritually mature enough to know that we have heard from God concerning marriage at this time, with this person?

  • Do we have a peace in our spirits concerning our decision?

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