5 Relationship Boundaries for Social Media

Social media is a completely new category in relationships that can cause a lot of drama if you don't know boundaries. Take out your notebook and let Love take you through what to do.

1. Set Boundaries for Private Messaging–

If your spouse can’t read it, then it shouldn’t be written. If your spouse would be dishonored, shocked, insulted, or simply uncomfortable with the conversation you’re having, then the conversation needs to stop. If your spouse is overly jealous in the first place, you must remember that jealousy is “fear that you will take something that I have.” Ask yourself this question, “Do my actions on social media fuel that fear or dispel it?”

2. Don’t Feed Into Seductive Behavior –

A Timeline Full of Likes Does Not Equal Love. Don’t be deceived into betraying someone who loves you and is committed to you, in order to pursue a Cyber Seducer. Sometimes the Cyber Seducer is either testing your character to determine whether the good things your mate says about you are true, or they are exerting their power to control you. Be self-aware when a timeline full of likes, or flattering comments from the opposite sex is beginning to feed into your desire to have your ego stroked or have unhealthy attention. Cut it off or expose it before it gets out of control.

3. Don’t Over Glamorize Past Relationships –

Social Media is a Non-Ending Class Reunion. While you may be drawn to “the misty water colored memories of the way you were,” please know…the way you were is not the way you are now. The diamond in the back, sunroof top, digging in the scene with a gangster lean is over. That was one marriage, two student loans, one mortgage and three kids ago. Wake up and own your responsibility and celebrate where God has brought you.

4. Be Real About the Seducer–

The same sense of entitlement and selfishness it took to help destroy your current relationship, will be the same sense of entitlement and selfishness exhibited to destroy your future one. The first character required to draw a successful marriage is to honor the institution itself. Whether you are the seducer or the seduced, infidelity in marriage is a dishonor to the covenant. That is not the foundation for success.

5. Be Real About Yourself– Are You Discontent In Your Relationship?

The foundation for all divorce is unmet expectations. Sometimes the disappointment is in ourselves, but we deflect it onto our spouse. Sometimes what drew us to our spouse was shallow and immature. When that dissipates, there can be a huge let down and no true love to support the structure. If you want to give real love (Agape), you must first get real love (Agape). God is Agape. Allow him to pour his love into you until you are full enough to spill out onto your spouse, your family, and your community.

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