Prince Harry: Dangerously in Love?

Is Prince Harry’s refusal to sign a prenuptial agreement a valiant act of never ending love, or a high risk move by a naive, love sick fool? Well a couple of things to consider are: what does he have to lose and what are their chances of divorce? What Does He Have to Lose? I’m not sure of the exact amounts Meghan Markle could walk away with in a divorce, but I’m guessing she could take his shirt. Princess Diana received about $22.5 million in cash from Prince Charles, plus another $600,000 a year to maintain her private office. I know Meghan appears as harmless as a dove and I’m certainly not coming at her motives, but this is not her first rodeo. Although she appears to be sincere, love gone wrong can bring out the worst in you. She has loved and left before. My point is that no marriage, even fairytale ones, will escape some conflict, hurts, disappointments, and repeated offenses. Their success will be based on their character and determination rather than “feelings” of being madly in love. What are their Chances of Divorce? The odds are certainly against this couple. This will be Meagan’s second marriage. Stats show that 67 - 80% of second marriages end in divorce. Prince Harry is a child of divorce. If your parents remarried someone after divorcing, you're 91 percent more likely to get divorced too. Does this mean that divorce is inevitable? Absolutely not! The only thing these stats should do is inspire them to align themselves early with the best professionals to teach them healthy relationship skills in order to overcome any conflict. This will require dealing with all of their issues; a depressed mom, a cheating dad, the pain of a divorce, and the pressures of the crown to name a few. Prince Harry dangerously in love or nah? Whether Prince Harry is being dangerous will not be determined by whether he signs a prenuptial agreement or not. It will be displayed in his negligence to arm himself with advances relationship skills to manage his emotions and lead with compassion. He is taking a high risk if he fails to enter his marriage with a healed heart. He is setting himself up to fail if he doesn’t feel safe enough with his wife to be humbly transparent about any of his unresolved issues. His level of defiance from royal norms may come from deep seated pain more than he may know. Despite all odds, this awesome couple can no doubt enjoy indestructible love for a lifetime if they’re willing to do a bit of extra work. Love McPherson Relationship Expert

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