Is it problematic for other women to confide in my husband?

It is EXTREMELY dangerous for women to come to your husband to confide in him. Transparency breeds intimacy. When you pour out your inner soul to a man...any man...and he is sensitive, empathetic and rescuing, the woman can form an emotional tie. In addition, the man's innate need for respect, honor, and to be that protector gets massaged, and what started out very innocently can turn into an emotional affair.

If you and your wife are going through the normal ups and downs of a marriage where she doesn't always spot your cape, but that woman is complimenting your husband on how it shines all the time because of his GREAT ADVICE, he is placing himself in even greater danger! Affairs don't always start from mean spirited people, sometimes they happen very innocently from people who made ignorant choices.

Preachers have to be careful too. That's why so many of them fall. Neither my husband nor I meet alone to conduct sessions with the opposite sex. If you are a man, you will receive advice from BOTH my husband and I, and vice versa. The Bible says not to put ANY confidence in the we don't.

Love McPherson,

Relationship Expert

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