Self Love Matters

There is much on social media about Cassie’s romantic marriage proposal from her handsome personal trainer who appears to be madly in love with her and excited to make her his wife. Her relationship happened one year after she made the decision to walk away from a decade long relationship with Diddy who never proposed.

Truth is…none of us really know the whys, but many are celebrating her for walking away from “a man that won’t move.” Cassie’s decision to move on could not have been easy, and in case you are thinking of doing the same, here is an important fact that you should consider:

Anger towards your mate is not a sufficient motivation to sustain a “permanent” separation. Anger can get you out of the house or cause you to boldly announce the breakup, but anger can subside and that’s when fond memories resurface, and reunification becomes an option.

You don’t leave someone because of what they are not, you leave them when you finally discover WHO YOU ARE. A quality, sustainable decision will happen when you finally come to the conclusion that you are worth being committed to, worth being faithful to, worth weathering the storm with, worth self-discipline and worth being treated with love and respect. That decision will be about you and not your mate. That decision must come from a deep resolve, founded on deep faith in who God created you to be and His faithful love for you to perform his promises. You can’t see yourself through the lenses of someone blinded by their own fears, trauma’s and past pain. You must order a brand-new prescription that creates clear vision that your value is based on the value God has placed on you, not anyone else. When you work on you, to see yourself like that, you will choose to love yourself enough to make a sober, intentional, non-emotional, God-led decision to walk away. In essence, the goal is to CHOOSE YOU, rather than reject someone else. Self-love depends on how you see you!

Love McPherson | Relationship Expert

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