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I’m from the Polaroid generation. We were grateful to get the pic in a couple of minutes, rather than wait a day for them to be developed at the local store. Lovely or ratchet, there was no altering the photo...what you saw is what you got. That’s why it amazes me at how much this generation depends on filters. I’ll admit, filters had to grow on me. Watching distorted faces, bunny ears on humans and hallos on hell raisers was a bit creepy to see. Nowadays it doesn’t phase me at all. Unfortunately, I have watch too many couples be ok with “Filtered Relationships.” They post dream vacations, romantic dinners and enviable unveilings of a new car or child. They become the new #RelationshipGoals as their pics go viral. But if you look at their relationships through an unfiltered lense, all that glitters is not gold. What shocks me is NOT the disconnection, poor communication, the never ending fights, the power plays and emotional abuse. Much of that comes with the territory. What shocks me is their willingness to live in disrepair without aggressive effort to fix it. It's startling to see couples sentence themselves to a lifetime of fake public images rather than doing what it takes to rekindle the real thing when there are no likes involved. Nobody has to tell you that your bond is fake. You suffer with that reality daily. What I may need to tell you is that love can be rekindled and relationships can function healthy and fine. They must be nurtured and maintained FOREVER like a new born child. It’s tempting to simply toss it out, but much more rewarding to reignite your love and watch it blaze before your very eyes. I strongly encourage you to turn off the filters and make a conscious effort to recreate the real in a brand new way. #LoveBetter Love McPherson, Relationship Expert

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