Once you choose love, you won't go back. See what our clients are saying!

I just wanted to follow up and tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you and hearing you speak! I hope you are in talks with the BMA exec members to chat in the future with BMA, because it would absolutely be a good time!

- Northwestern University Kellogg BMA Conference Attendee 

I first met this amazing couple at church and from our first introduction I recall how open and even loving they were without knowing anything about me or where I’d come from. That has been the common thread as I’ve continued to know and love the McPherson family…as a participant of the Final Say group coaching I was challenged to do the WORK to uncover the wounds and gaps in my soul that were deterring my progression to my TRUE PURPOSE & GREATNESS. With the help of their loving, non-judgmental, and practical approach I found the courage to confess many difficult facts of my background. Their coaching has EMPOWERED me to not only confess, process, and reflect but to ACT on GOD’s WORD as the final say in my life’s plan. One particular victory has been the decision to have my son. I have begun the work required to break a generational curse of abandonment and abuse to become the loving mother that I was made to be. Amazingly, my decision to have my child has led other young women who are facing the same choice to confide in me. Praise God my testimony has helped them choose LIFE. Thank you Tony & Love! You are a GIFT to the world 


- Johnae Strong, MA

EVERYONE……Life Strategists Tony and Love McPherson are mentors of me and my wife, and have greatly impacted our lives through this business! They are the REAL DEAL!                                        

- Rodney Young


My Husband and I have been going here for Christian-based Life-Coaching and it is AWESOME:-)!!!! We highly recommend Love Infinity!

- Nikeya N. Young

Simply AMAZING! The McPhersons are truly wonderful people! The love that they have for those around them is so PURE. Its difficult to really articulate how much they’ve impacted my life on a personal level, but I can honestly say that I will never be the same person. It has been said that both Tony and Love are gifted people and I could not refute that at all! They are an example of the impact you WILL have once you tap into and begin to EMBRACE [YOUR] “Life Assignment”. I pray nothing but great things for them and Life Connection as I know that it will continue to grow, blossom, and evolve into something beyond their own imaginations. I cannot say it enough! Thank you &hearts.


- Ambria Monet |RIP 2015

Do you desire to have a life that you love? Tony and Love McPherson are the ultimate life and spiritual coaches. The impact that their coaching has had in my life is invaluable. Their process is thought, emotion and spiritually provoking but your outlook on your life will never be the same…do yourself a favor and become a part of Love Infinity, Inc.


- Tamara Holloway, LCSW

As a single woman who spent a significant amount of time in Love’s chair, I can testify about what my investment brought me in one word ... FREEDOM.

Freedom from a highly dysfunctional past, freedom from negative attitudes, thought patterns & behaviors, and freedom to move forward with hopeful expectation of a fruitful future.

After going through a season of progressive healing and deliverance with Love, I am better equipped to attract God’s best for me in every area of my life. I also believe in having some maintenance every now and again so Love, you’ll never get rid of me! 😉

- Mina Nyenke

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